Yakov Merkin Announces Upcoming Manga Project

The author of Light Unto Another World reveals his new project for 2022

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Yakov Merkin, author of the light novel series Light Unto Another World, which recently rose to rank #55 in the Amazon Light Novels category, announced on Monday, Nov. 29th that he will soon have something new for readers in 2022. 

The project, Amaranth Angels, will be a manga starring “cute anime girls doing military-esque things” in the vein of such animes as Girls Und Panzer, but in an adventure setting.

Amaranth Angels by Yakov Merkin promotional image1
Concept art for the new series includes both the girls and their ship.
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“You like cute anime girls? You like pulse-pounding starfighter combat? Expect a ton of both, along with just general fun, with a relatively large cast of characters.”

The artwork will be done by Philip San Gaspar, who continues to work with Merkin on the Light Unto Another World series. The light novel is on track, Merkin assures fans, with the fourth installment releasing tomorrow, Nov. 30th, 2021.

Amaranth Angels will have a Kickstarter campaign, estimated as early as Spring of 2022. 

Light Unto Another World Vol 1 by Yakov Merkin Book Cover

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