Weird Sherlock Holmes Novella Release

Weird Sherlock Holmes Novella Release

William Jeffery Rankin releases a Sherlock Holmes and Carnacki novella, The Black Beast of Ipswich

William Jeffery Rankin has been teasing for a while on Twitter the release of a weird horror / mystery story featuring detectives Sherlock Holmes and Thomas Carnacki.

The Black Beast of Ipswich finally released today (Sept 29, 2022) on Kindle!

“A tale of mystery, horror, and adventure from the lost files of Dr. John H. Watson.”

I greatly enjoyed Invocations of the Submortal. I look forward to seeing how Rankin applies his strong combination of weird fiction, adventure, and suspense to this unique idea!

Invocations of the Submortal by William Rankin Book Cover

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