Thune's Vision Crowdfund

The new edition of Schuyler Hernstrom's seminal story collection is fully funded!

The Thune’s Vision crowdfund opened on March 26th.

This book was originally published in 2016. The new edition, published by Pilum Press, boasts previously unpublished works, including the latest installment of Mortu & Kyrus!

The campaign fully funded on March 29th, covering production costs for the publisher. However, there is still time to contribute and “earn the writer more gravy.”

While the third installment of Mortu & Kyrus will no doubt be the biggest draw, according to the Kickstarter page, the book itself is, 

“a passport to new country, a point of departure for even wider vistas.”

This campaign ends April 25th.

The Eye of Sounnu by Schuyler Hernstrom Book Cover

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