The Swordbringer Book II Call for Beta Readers

Alexander Hellene invites Twitter DMs from anyone interested in providing an honest review of The Second Sojourn

Today, Sept. 29th, 2020, Alexander Hellene announced on Twitter that The Second Sojourn, book two in The Swordbringer series, was complete barring the glossary. He welcomes anyone interested in beta reading in exchange for an honest review to contact him via direct message.

On his website, Hellene has a copy for this story:

“Pursued by assassins, Garrett must make the hard choices and be a hero like his late father. Escaping the High Lord was just the beginning.”

We reviewed the first book in this series The Last Ancestor here on Periapsis Press. We are looking forward to this next installment in this sword and planet series!


The Last Ancestor by Alexander Hellene Book Cover

Check out our positive, long-form review of the first The Swordbringer novel!

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