Now Funding on IndieGoGo! The Horror of Mistvale Hall

The Horror of Mistvale Hall by William Jeffrey Rankin IndieGoGo crowdfund promo image

Now Funding on IndieGoGo! The Horror of Mistvale Hall

A new weird gothic horror novel from author William Jeffrey Rankin

Author William Jeffrey Rankin has launched an IndieGoGo campaign for his latest novel The Horror of Mistvale Hall. His crowdfunding page describes this story as “a tale of supernatural horror, mystery, and adventure.”

An isolated Hampshire estate and manor house has stood empty for nearly 80 years. Purchasing it at a bargain price, Dr. Richard Harvey rechristens it Mistvale Hall and moves in with his wife and staff. But following a series of strange events: voices in the night, a mysterious stranger in the cellar, and the feeling that someone, or something, is watching them, he begins to regret his decision. He contacts his friend, ex-British Army officer Jonathan Quint, who begins an investigation. They are soon plunged into a world of unearthly horror. An alien force of great power and evil is at work, one with not only the ability to probe minds but to manipulate the fabric of reality itself. Quint, with Dr. Harvey’s help, vows to discover the source, only to find what they’ve experienced thus far is but a harbinger of greater evil to come!

“The Horror of Mistvale Hall is a tale of good against evil, sacrifice, and comradeship. Combining elements of gothic horror, weird fiction, mystery, and adventure, the story harkens back to the era of classic pulp weird fiction. “

Backers can choose between ebook, paperback, and hardcover editions, and Rankin confirms that the manuscript is already complete. The campaign will finance bringing on an editor (Katie Roome of Periapsis Press) and a cover artist (Jesse White).

Reviewed by Periapsis Press

We’ve reviewed Rankin’s weird horror historical novella Invocations of the Submortal  as well as one of his occult detective stories The Black Beast of Ipswich. Furthermore, his short stories have appeared in both Periapsis Christmas and Periapsis Christmas 2

In fact, his story titled “The Shelter Most High” in Periapsis Christmas 2 is the first appearance of the character Jonathan Quint and documents the incident that first piqued Quint’s interest in the supernatural!

I encourage you to check out the IndieGoGo for The Horror of Mistvale Hall! 

This campaign ends April 30, 2024.

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