Summer 2024 Based Book Sale

The Summer 2024 Based Book Sale!

Many of the books on sale this week for $0.99 or less have been reviewed here on Periapsis Press!

The Summer Based Book Sale, hosted by Hans G. Schantz, contains lots of great books on sale for $0.99 (and some for free)!

“Bypass the cultural gatekeeping, support non-woke authors, and get yourself some great books from both established and emerging talent,” Hans states on the sale page.

With so many great options, where should you start?

Below are the indie sci-fi and fantasy books that we have reviewed here on Periapsis Press. You know we only review books we like, so each of these has our hearty recommendation!

Our Picks from the Summer 2024 Based Book Sale:

Transmutation Texas Watcher of the Damned Vol 1 by R.H. Snow Book Cover
A stunning post-apocalyptic western featuring mutated humans, monsters, cultists, and loving descriptions of Texas. Read more
Tales from the Dream Nebula Book 1 Dreams within Dreams by M.D. Boncher updated Book Cover
A series of space opera novellas featuring a fun cast of characters, a vibrant pseudo-space setting, and thrilling heroics. Read more
Starshatter by Black Knight Book Cover
A collection of space adventure tales featuring a diverse cast of cool characters confronting hostile aliens, slavers, and pirates Read more
The Unexpected Enlightenment of Rachel Griffin by L. Jagi Lamplighter Book Cover
A delightful magic school tale of fast friendships, secrets, and parallel worlds! Read more
Pirates of the Electromagnetic Waves by Fenton Wood Book Cover
A story of youthful ingenuity set in a flavorful science fiction, alternate history world! Read more
Out of the Deep by TJ Marquis Book Cover
This sequel to How Black the Sky exceeds the first--delivering even more action, intriguing worldbuilding, and that brawly theology. Read more
Light Unto Another World Vol 1 by Yakov Merkin Book Cover
A fresh take on the popular isekai genre, featuring a compelling lead with a detailed background, a true fantasy setting, and plenty of action. Read more
How Black the Sky by TJ Marquis Book Cover
A fun, heavy metal romp following a band of warriors through epic battles to defend against an invasion of Underworld monsters! Read more
A Greater Duty by Yakov Merkin Book Cover
A detailed military space fleet novel featuring diverse alien species and exciting battles both in space and on the ground. Read more
Fear the Four Towers by TJ Marquis Book Cover
A sword and sorcery dungeon crawl featuring the Gorgonbane characters tackling puzzle rooms, monsters, and a false god. Read more
Deathbringer by Blake Carpenter Updated Book Cover
A dark sword and sorcery tale of necromancy and revenge featuring a talking sword, lite steampunk setting, and gory action Read more
After Moses by Michael F. Kane Book Cover
An engaging space western featuring a gun-slinging captain, a crumbling solar system civilization, and colorful villains. Read more

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