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2022 Indie Spotlight

Join Periapsis Press this summer for our 2022 Indie Spotlight, supporting indie authors by drawing attention (and hopefully reviews) to three new releases!

Each month, we will read one book and post a review, an excerpt, and an interview with the author. While Periapsis Press is spearheading this event, there are a number of other blogs that will be posting reviews of these titles, too!

You can also participate in the event by reading along, reviewing the book yourself, sharing the reviews on social media, and tuning into the live book discussion at the end of each month.

Furthermore, you can comment on any Periapsis Press article related to the book for a chance to WIN A PHYSICAL COPY! (Details below.)


Dawn of the Broken Sword

We will kick of the summer with the first book in the Saga of the Swordbreaker by Kit Sun Cheah.

Dawn of the Broken Sword is a science fantasy novel written in the style of a Chinese cultivation story (wuxia / xianxia).

Available now.

Publisher’s Description:

Li Ming is a small-town boy with big dreams.

In the era of the Five States and Ten Corporations, the immortals of the jianghu stand head and shoulders above the masses. Li Ming aspires to join their ranks.

But the world of the rivers and lakes is fraught with peril. Deception and danger lurk in the shadows. Bloodthirsty beasts roam the wilds. Martial cultivators constantly battle for wealth, glory and status.

Armed with his ancestral swordbreaker, Li Ming enters the jianghu as a biaohang, eager to deliver justice with steel and magic—and to chase the dream of immortality.

But first, he must prove himself worthy.

Schedule of Events

Periapsis Press Review – June 1st

Story Excerpt – June 8th

Author Interview – June 22nd

Live Book Discussion – June 30th


Jiao Tu's Endeavor, Episode 1

In July, we will read the first episode of Jiao Tu’s Endeavour The Kidnapped Mousling by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt.

This sword and planet adventure staring anthropomorphic animals initially released as an ongoing web serial. This volume contains the complete first story arc and two bonus stories.

Available now for pre-order.

Publisher’s Description:

On a multigenerational colony ship five hundred years off course, a lagomorph warrior must survive using only his wits and his sword.

Jiao Tu has been hired to rescue a young kidnapped mousling. A tip leads him to the Below, home to the engines that keep the world in motion. His mission has hardly begun when an encounter with a monstrous being plunges him into the midst of a struggle not only for control of the Below but for the world itself.

Teamed with an untested ratling warrior and the ratling leader of a gang of thugs, Jiao Tu must stop the monster and save the mousling—and the world—before it is too late.

Schedule of Events

Periapsis Press Review – July 4th

Story Excerpt – July 7th

Author Interview – July 21st

Live Book Discussion – July 31st


Gun Magus by N.R. LaPoint Book Cover

Gun Magus

To finish off the season, we will read Gun Magus by N.R. LaPoint.

This is stand-alone isekai novel involving a Texan with nearly unlimited ammo, a magic girl, and a fire-wielding bunny guy. 

Projected release in July.

Publisher’s Description:

Low on luck, but not ammo

The last thing Kenneth Jericho needed was a gunfight and car chase with human traffickers. What started as a bad morning only got worse.

A flash of light sends Ken to a strange world filled with magic, hideous monsters, beautiful women, and seemingly unlimited ammo.

With pistol in hand, Ken is thrown into a race against time to stop a local ganglord’s reign of terror. But is the thug the brains behind the violence, or is someone – or something – else pulling his strings?

Schedule of Events

Periapsis Press Review – Aug 1st

Story Excerpt – Aug 9th

Author Interview – Aug 23rd

Live Book Discussion – Aug 31st

GIVEAWAY details:

To promote these new indie books, Periapsis Press will give away one physical copy of the book of the month to a randomly selected participant!

Entries between June 1st and 30th, 2022, will be included in a drawing for a physical copy of Dawn of the Broken Sword.

Entries between July 1st and 31st, 2022, will be included in a drawing for a physical copy of Jiao Tu’s Endeavor, Episode 1.

Entries between August 1st and 31st, 2022, will be included in a drawing for a physical copy of Gun Magus.

The winners will be selected in a random drawing during the Live Book Discussion at the end of each month. Afterwards, we will contact the winner via the email provided at the time of entry, and obtain the necessary details to get your new book to you!

Note that entrants in the 2022 Indie Spotlight Event give consent by their participation to be contacted via email for this purpose.

Entry Criteria:

Comment on any Periapsis Press post related to the 2022 Indie Spotlight Event.

3 entries for a comment containing a REVIEW for the book under the Periapsis Press review post (limit 1 each)

1 entry for each unique and relevant comment or reply to an existing comment

Please note: Comments will be subject to review and will not post immediately; we will attempt to promote discussion by approving them in a timely manner.  We reserve the right to determine what constitutes a “relevant” comment. There is no purchase necessary for qualification.

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