St. Tommy NYPD 11 Preorder

St. Tommy NYPD Book 11 Now Available for Preorder!

Dark Web, book 11 in the Christian urban fantasy series by Declan Finn is now available for preorder, release Aug 30th.

Declan Finn is writing headlong into the end of his well-received St. Tommy NYPD series!

Dark Web, the eleventh book in the 12-part series, is now available for preorder with an official release date of August 30th, 2022.

Lightbringer, the tenth book, was released in July and reached #1 on Amazon for the “New Releases in Christian Fantasy” and “New Releases in Religious Sci-Fi/Fantasy” categories.

This series has Finn’s characteristic action-packed, Catholic influenced style, and continues to resonate with readers.

In our review of the first book in the series, I noted that it “reverberates with tension, featuring physical battles with the demon-possessed, God-given superpowers, and chillingly palpable evil.”

It is never too late to jump into this on-going series! You will find your time well spent.

Hell Spawn by Declan Finn Book Cover

Check out our positive, long-form review of the very first St. Tommy NYPD novel!

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