Science Fiction Reviews

A Christian science-fiction short story filled with tension and thematic imagery Read more
A detailed military space fleet novel featuring diverse alien species and exciting battles both in space and on the ground. Read more
A high-speed science fiction thriller about a father’s battle to save his son, underfoot of a kaiju/mech battle for humanity’s survival. Read more
A dynamic sword and planet romp of faith and daring! Read more
Publisher Description: Falling in love was out of the question ... until it was the answer. There is nothing Aeris St. Cloud wants more than to Read more
A story of youthful ingenuity set in a flavorful science fiction, alternate history world! Read more
Publisher Description: Stuck inside? Quarantine got you feeling down… or even worse, BORED?  Corona-Chan: Spreading the Love is here to rescue you from the existential horror Read more
A streamlined tale of steampunk-flavored adventure Read more
A gritty action novel that blends mecha anime and military science fiction to deliver high-energy combat alongside thrilling intrigue! Read more
Publisher Description: Once upon a time, short fiction was the mainstay of science fiction and fantasy readers. Titans like Robert E. Howard and Jack Vance Read more