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Tales from the Dream Nebula Book 1 Dreams within Dreams by M.D. Boncher Book Cover
A series of space opera novellas featuring a fun cast of characters, a vibrant pseudo-space setting, and thrilling heroics. Read more
Scars: Heroes Come in All Sizes by J. Ishiro Finney Book Cover
A psychological sci-fi novella featuring a former astronaut and his super-intelligent support animal Read more
Transmutation Texas Watcher of the Damned Vol 1 by R.H. Snow Book Cover
A stunning post-apocalyptic western featuring mutated humans, monsters, cultists, and loving descriptions of Texas. Read more
After Moses by Michael F. Kane Book Cover
An engaging space western featuring a gun-slinging captain, a crumbling solar system civilization, and colorful villains. Read more
Starshatter by Black Knight Book Cover
A collection of space adventure tales featuring a diverse cast of cool characters confronting hostile aliens, slavers, and pirates Read more
Swords and Maidens edited by N.R. LaPoint Book Cover
Swords and Maidens is a short story anthology featuring eleven tales of heroics in a range of sci-fi and fantasy settings. Edited by NR LaPoint, this collection will gratify anyone looking for simple fun. Read more
The Dream of the Iron Dragon by Robert Kroese Book Cover
An alternate history story that follows an intrepid band of heroes from a distant future space war to the thick of the Viking Age Read more
Uriel's Revenge by David Roome Book Cover
Review: Uriel's Revenge by David Roome "Uriel’s Revenge is an action, sci-fi story that builds tension and mystery, and then releases and reveals in satisfying and enjoyable ways."This review was written by Patrick from Cave to the Cross Apologetics. Periapsis Press is sharing it with permission. I encourage you to Read more
Jiao Tu's Endeavour Ep 1 The Kidnapped Mousling by Donald Uitvlugt Book Cover
An enjoyable “furry” sword and planet adventure featuring a bunny warrior, a sentient sword, ghosts, and plenty of heroics. Read more
Heroes Fall by Morgon Newquist Book Cover
A superhero story featuring engaging drama and confrontation with fate, punctuated by slick action scenes Read more
Pulp Rock Book Cover
Talented authors manifest rock-infused prose and plot in this short story anthology Read more
Made in His Image by Jeff Stoner Book Cover
A sexy space adventure featuring a cast of likeable characters and a detailed sci-fi setting Read more
Ronald Regan's Brilliant BUllet by Frederick Gero Heimbach Book Cover
An alternate history story featuring such bizarre elements as rocket powered flying suits, singing Mount Rushmore heads, and cloning via supernatural powers Read more
Abort by C.D. Hulen Book Cover
A Christian science-fiction short story filled with tension and thematic imagery Read more
Penance by Paula Richey and Thomas Plutarch Book Cover
An energetic young adult superhero novel, featuring superpowers, aliens, an extraterrestrial sex trafficking ring, and the imminent invasion of earth! Read more
A Greater Duty by Yakov Merkin Book Cover
A detailed military space fleet novel featuring diverse alien species and exciting battles both in space and on the ground. Read more
Collateral Damage by Adam Furman Book Cover
A high-speed science fiction thriller about a father’s battle to save his son, underfoot of a kaiju/mech battle for humanity’s survival. Read more
The Last Ancestor by Alexander Hellene Book Cover
A dynamic sword and planet romp of faith and daring! Read more
The Heights of Perdition by C.S. Johnson Book Cover
An engaging science fiction romance filled with space pirates, futuristic tech, a world reeling from nuclear fallout, and—of course—romance. Read more
Pirates of the Electromagnetic Waves by Fenton Wood Book Cover
A story of youthful ingenuity set in a flavorful science fiction, alternate history world! Read more
Combat Frame XSeed by Brian Niemeier Book Cover
A gritty action novel that blends mecha anime and military science fiction to deliver high-energy combat alongside thrilling intrigue! Read more
A streamlined tale of steampunk-flavored adventure Read more
Corona-Chan Book Cover
a fantasy and sci-fi short story anthology that delivers adventure in a kaleidoscope of settings, characters, and tones, sure to leave you looking for more! Read more
The Eye of Sounnu by Schuyler Hernstrom Book Cover
“Mortu and Kyrus in the White City” by Schuyler Hernstrom, a short story found in The Eye of Sounnu Read more