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A fresh take on the popular isekai genre, featuring a compelling lead with a detailed background, a true fantasy setting, and plenty of action. Read more
A comedic fairytale featuring a road trip across America with a backseat full of irreverent elves, kooky mishaps, and a genre-defying adult main character. Read more
A Christian science-fiction short story filled with tension and thematic imagery Read more
An energetic young adult superhero novel, featuring superpowers, aliens, an extraterrestrial sex trafficking ring, and the imminent invasion of earth! Read more
A heavy metal Christian campaign to bring a lost lamb out of a stronghold of evil and back to the fold Read more
A post-apocalyptic adventure that will leave no demon unscathed Read more
A satirical tale of adventure in a twisted-history version of the United States Read more
An action packed novel that is one part exorcism horror, one part urban fantasy, featuring physical battles with the demon-possessed, God-given superpowers, and chillingly palpable Read more
Publisher Description: Revenge takes time; fortunately Edmond Dantes doesn't sleep. Or breathe. In a world of monsters and magic, Edmond Dantes has a pretty good Read more
A detailed military space fleet novel featuring diverse alien species and exciting battles both in space and on the ground. Read more
A high-speed science fiction thriller about a father’s battle to save his son, underfoot of a kaiju/mech battle for humanity’s survival. Read more
A dynamic sword and planet romp of faith and daring! Read more
Publisher Description: Falling in love was out of the question ... until it was the answer. There is nothing Aeris St. Cloud wants more than to Read more
A delightful magic school tale of fast friendships, secrets, and parallel worlds! Read more
A story of youthful ingenuity set in a flavorful science fiction, alternate history world! Read more
Publisher Description: Break the shackles of the mind.Leo is a boy grieving his twin. Nea is a girl living as a boy to escape her Read more
A clever and compelling fantasy, thick with mystery and suspense, dark magic and demons! Read more
A fun, heavy metal romp following a band of warriors through epic battles to defend against an invasion of Underworld monsters! Read more
Publisher Description: Stuck inside? Quarantine got you feeling down… or even worse, BORED?  Corona-Chan: Spreading the Love is here to rescue you from the existential horror Read more
A streamlined tale of steampunk-flavored adventure Read more
An adventure-packed light novel in the shōnen vein that delivers a unique and entertaining spin on some of the best elements of that genre: tenacious Read more
A gritty action novel that blends mecha anime and military science fiction to deliver high-energy combat alongside thrilling intrigue! Read more
Publisher Description: Once upon a time, short fiction was the mainstay of science fiction and fantasy readers. Titans like Robert E. Howard and Jack Vance Read more