Periapsis Christmas Stories

Periapsis Christmas Stories

Try our anthology of sci-fi and fantasy stories for the holidays!

This year we published an anthology of exciting sci-fi and fantasy Christmas stories. Periapsis Christmas included short stories from Alexander Hellene, TJ Marquis, Kaylena Radcliff, William Jeffrey Rankin, and Jeff Stoner—all authors whose work we’ve reviewed before here on Periapsis Press!

Periapsis Christmas edited by Katie Roome #2 New Release Science Fiction Anthologies Image

The book reached as high as #2 in Amazon’s New Releases in Science Fiction Anthologies and #12 in New Release Fantasy Anthologies, as well as #16 in Science Fiction Anthologies overall.

On our Youtube channel, we hosted a Christmas party with all of the authors. We had a great time talking about the stories they contributed to the anthology, memories from childhood Christmases, and more!

We received a lot of positive feedback from readers, and now is still a great time to pick up this great little book! Hopefully, as the holidays begin to wind down, these tales will continue to refresh your Christmas spirit by providing a bit of adventure and escape!

Periapsis Christmas anthology edited by Katie Roome Book Cover

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