Out Now! Saga of the Swordbreaker’s Epic Conclusion: Book 6 Invincible Under Heaven

Out Now! Saga of the Swordbreaker's Epic Conclusion

Book 6 Invincible Under Heaven released on Amazon May 25th

The final book in the cyberpunk and cultivation fantasy series Saga of the Swordbreaker is out now! Invincible Under Heaven already went out to backers of the initial campaign, with a release now available on Amazon.

“Driven mad by the relentless pursuit of power, a martial prodigy turns against the rivers and lakes. Behind him is the Shadow Horde, a group of devil cultivators with immeasurable powers at their command. Hellbent on restoring the Yue Dynasty, they carve a swathe of destruction through the Five States and Ten Corporations.”

Kit Sun Cheah posted about the book’s release on his Twitter:

We reviewed¬†Dawn of the Broken Sword by Kit Sun Cheah. I described it as a “true cultivation novel that leans into the traditions of the genre while crafting a unique science fantasy experience.” I encourage readers to pick up the rest of the series, including Invincible Under Heaven!

Dawn of the Broken Sword by Kit Sun Cheah Book Cover
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Kit Sun Cheah Author Photo
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