Out Now! Barbarians of the Storm Book 7

Out Now! Barbarians of the Storm Book 7

An Axe to Eat the Gods is now available on paperback

The newest book in the pulp fantasy series Barbarians of the Storm is out now! An Axe to Eat the Gods is available in paperback, with an ebook release to follow shortly.

Rob Rimes posted about the book’s release on his substack, and fans will be pleased to hear that there is plenty to look forward to in this latest installment.

“This book is a beast compared to the other Barbarians of the Storm books. It’s larger than any other story I have done by quite a bit. Sure, it’s certainly not a doorstop phone book fantasy brick, but for a pocketbook sized pulp novel, it’s THICC.” 

We reviewed Dan the Destructor, as part of our Iron Age Book Club. I described it as a pulpy portal fantasy in the spirit of Conan, “featuring cool warriors, heroic adventure, and gory action.” I encourage readers to pick up the rest of the series, including An Axe to Eat the Gods!

Enjoy our Dan the Destructor book discussion:

Dan the Destructor by Rob Rimes Book Cover
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