Now Funding on IndieGoGo! The Swordbreaker Saga’s Epic Conclusion

Now Funding on IndieGoGo: The Swordbreaker Saga's Epic Conclusion!

Check out the crowdfund for the second half of Kit Sun Cheah's cyberpunk and cultivation fantasy!

Author Kit Sun Cheah launched a crowdfunding campaign for the second half—and climax—of his Swordbreaker Saga. His IndieGoGo page assures backers that the manuscripts are complete, with only editing, cover art, and shipping to fund.

Backers can choose from a variety of perks, beginning with Book 4 or Books 4-6 for the entire “Part 2” of the series. Of particular interest to us is the “Deluxe” perk, which includes not only Cheah’s complete Saga of the Swordbreaker in ebook and print formats, but also Jiao Tu’s Endeavour Episodes 1 and 2 by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt in ebook and SIGNED paperback!

Follow Li Ming as he journeys to attain the apex of martial skill. Witness his rise through the ranks of martial cultivators. Fight beside him as he battles secret societies, powerful monsters, and devil cultivators. And together, discover the true meaning of the ancient phrase ‘invincible under heaven.'”

Cheah makes a compelling statement for supporting indie book crowdfunds like this one: “Campaigns like this allow me to sustain my writing career. Instead of going through publishers who are indifferent or even hostile towards me and my readers, I can market my books to you directly. This dramatically speeds up the publishing cycle and helps me put books in your hands faster than a regular publisher ever could.”

We’ve reviewed Dawn of the Broken Sword by Kit Sun Cheah and highly encourage everyone to check out this campaign. We’ve also reviewed the first volume of Jiao Tu’s Endeavour The Kidnapped Mousling. This a wonderful pairing, and if you can support both of these authors at this tier, don’t hesitate! 

This campaign ends Aug 21, 2023.

Dawn of the Broken Sword by Kit Sun Cheah Book Cover
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Jiao Tu's Endeavour Ep 1 The Kidnapped Mousling by Donald Uitvlugt Book Cover
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