More Stories from Donald Jacob Uitvlugt

More Stories from Donald Jacob Uitvlugt

The author of furry sword and planet web series Jiao Tu's Endeavour releases more stories!

When Wolves of Winter came to Amazon back in August, he hinted that there was more to come. Now two more stories from Uitvlugt are available!

These latest releases continue to rank highly in Amazon’s “45-Minute Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Reads” category. Uitvlugt’s “haiku fiction” is making the promised big impact!

The King of Cats is a stand-alone story, but In the Ruins of Amir is the second book in the Cale ap Corwin series.

We greatly enjoyed the first episode of Jiao Tu’s Endeavour The Kidnapped Mousling, a web series which Uitvlugt continues to release. There is also a rumor about a collection to be released soon. Keep an eye out!

Jiao Tu's Endeavour Ep 1 The Kidnapped Mousling by Donald Uitvlugt Book Cover

Check out our positive, long-form review of Jiao Tu's Endeavour Episode 1: The Kidnapped Mousling!

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