Iron Age Book Club!

Iron Age Book Club!

Four Indie Book Reviewers Join Forces to Promote the Iron Age

I am excited to announce the Iron Age Book Club!

I reached out to indie book reviewers who I know are actively reading and promoting great books from the #IronAge and asked if they would like to read and discuss a few books together this summer. John A. Douglas, TJ Marquis, and Royce (@ADrinkWithCrazy) all said yes!

The way this works is each of us recommends a novella or shorter novel. We read roughly one per month, and then have a discussion for each on the YouTube channel of the reviewer who recommended it.

Royce picked first, and chose something from his shelf: Dan the Destructor by Rob Rimes.

The four of us will be having a live discussion on ADrinkWithCrazy on Thursday, July 6th at 7pm central.

Please join us even if you haven’t finished or read the book at all. It is sure to be a good time!

You can read my review of Dan the Destructor here:

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