Gideon Ira in Castle Bloodghast Crowdfund

The third novel in Adam Lane Smith's heavy metal Christian series Gideon Ira begins its Kickstarter Campaign.

On July 16th, Adam Lane Smith announced his Kickstarter for Gideon Ira in Castle Bloodghast. This book will be the third in the Gideon Ira series and the fourth in the overarching Deus Vult Wastelanders series.

It broke through the initial funding goal within 5 hours, and Smith has already released the first stretch goal, with more fun to come if that is also met.

Adam announced at the same time that Ivan Tao would be returning as the cover artist, and Brian Niemeier as the editor for the series.

On the campaign page, Smith says,

“Crusaders in power armor invade an ancient evil castle. This heavy metal Christian gothic horror novel will melt your face right off.”

The Gideon Ira in Castle Bloodghast crowdfund ends August 14th.

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