Fantasy Reviews

An action packed novel that is one part exorcism horror, one part urban fantasy, featuring physical battles with the demon-possessed, God-given superpowers, and chillingly palpable Read more
Publisher Description: Revenge takes time; fortunately Edmond Dantes doesn't sleep. Or breathe. In a world of monsters and magic, Edmond Dantes has a pretty good Read more
A delightful magic school tale of fast friendships, secrets, and parallel worlds! Read more
Publisher Description: Break the shackles of the mind.Leo is a boy grieving his twin. Nea is a girl living as a boy to escape her Read more
A clever and compelling fantasy, thick with mystery and suspense, dark magic and demons! Read more
A fun, heavy metal romp following a band of warriors through epic battles to defend against an invasion of Underworld monsters! Read more
Publisher Description: Stuck inside? Quarantine got you feeling down… or even worse, BORED?  Corona-Chan: Spreading the Love is here to rescue you from the existential horror Read more
Publisher Description: Giant monsters roam the land.  Civilization is frozen in a savage age. For one young hunter named Alden, power and survival are one Read more
Publisher Description: Once upon a time, short fiction was the mainstay of science fiction and fantasy readers. Titans like Robert E. Howard and Jack Vance Read more