Dan the Destructor GIVEAWAY!

Dan the Destructor GIVEAWAY

Participate to support indie authors and for a chance to win a prize!

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Last summer we did a giveaway during the Summer Indie Spotlight event. We are excited to offer it again for the Iron Age Book Club!
Just like last summer, you can enter by leaving reviews as comments under any Periapsis Press review. Unfortunately, I cannot incentivize you to leave reviews on other sites, but I encourage you to, as you will have already done the hard part—now just copy and paste!
This time the prize will be a $15 Amazon gift card. I can’t stipulate its use, but I hope you’ll invest in more great indie reads, including Dan the Destructor if you haven’t grabbed it yet!
The winner will be selected in a random drawing on Monday, July 10. Afterwards, I will contact the winner via the email provided at the time of entry, and obtain the necessary details to get your prize to you! (Note that entrants in the drawing give consent by their participation to be contacted via email for this purpose.)

Entry Criteria:

Comment on any Periapsis Press post!
3 entries for a comment containing a REVIEW for any book under its Periapsis Press review post (limit 1 per book)
1 entry for each unique and relevant comment or reply to an existing comment
Please note: Comments will be subject to review and will not post immediately; we will attempt to promote discussion by approving them in a timely manner. We reserve the right to determine what constitutes a “relevant” comment. There is no purchase necessary for qualification.

Watch the Iron Age Book Club discussion of Dan the Destructor!

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