Content Concerns Policy

Graphic Imagery

When it comes to content concerns such as violence and sex, our primary preoccupation is with the thematic treatment of those elements, with a secondary being their narrative function.

Therefore, we do not exclude from our website books which contain violence and / or sex of varying degrees of graphicness and explicitness. Obviously, our goal to promote content that does not come in conflict with our Christian worldview still applies.

As such, stories which depict sinful behaviors with narrative purpose are not automatically disqualified, but those which seek to encourage those behaviors on a higher, thematic level are not likely to appeal to us enough to warrant our recommendation.

Christianity and Other Religions

Our approach to the depiction of Christianity and other religions follows a similar vein.

We recognize that science fiction and fantasy often deal with cosmic concepts and theological matters. Sometimes the depictions reflect a real-world religion and sometimes they are subject to the author’s creativity. This includes Christianity with varying degrees of overtness and Biblical accuracy.

In order to discuss the resulting themes, we do not automatically disqualify stories with apparently problematic religious philosophies. The treatment of religion and the tone the author sets around the issue is important to whether or not we ultimately recommend the work.

Of course, we will try to acknowledge potential concerns in our detailed reviews so that readers can make informed decisions about the kind of entertainment they wish to consume.

AI Art

We always seek to promote the work of real creatives over computers. No story on our website should contain AI generated text. 

You can read our full policy here