Combat Frame XSeed: SS Crowdfund

Combat Frame XSeed: S Crowdfund

Brian Niemeier's Fifth XSeed Campaign Is Funded in Four Hours

On Monday, Combat Frame XSeed: SS set a new record for Brian Niemeier’s series, all of which have been crowdfunded. This latest installment has already surpassed its first stretch goal, guaranteeing all backers a free Combat Frame XSeed short story in addition to SS, with purportedly many more rewards to unlock.

 On the campaign page, Niemeier says,

“XSeed: S was just the warmup.  Now the hit mech saga goes thermonuclear with Combat Frame XSeed: SS!”

You can read more about Combat Frame XSeed: SS and this campaign on Niemeier’s website:

The Combat Frame XSeed: SS crowdfund ends March 31, 2021.

Combat Frame XSeed by Brian Niemeier Book Cover

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