Christmas in July Video Reviews!

Christmas in July Video Reviews

Celebrate with these video reviews of Periapsis Christmas by Josh from the Anarchist Bible Study!

Our book Periapsis Christmas is getting a series of video reviews by The Anarchist Bible Study! Every day this week, Josh (aka @Iowancap) will be sharing his thoughts about one of the short stories. I encourage you to take a look!
Review Schedule:
Workshop Rebellion” by TJ Marquis is live now!
Grandpa Got Run Over by a Bane Deer” by Kaylena Radcliff will be available 7/4/23.
Julenisse Pays a Visit” by Jeff Stoner will be available 7/5/23.
The Fairy Tree” by William Jeffrey Rankin will be available 7/6/23.
Christmas Spirits” by Alexander Hellene will be available 7/7/23.

“Grab yourself a copy of Periapsis Christmas. It doesn’t matter that it’s not Christmas anymore. It doesn’t matter. Don’t let that stop you. Go get it.”  –Josh

If you read Periapsis Christmas, let us know what you thought! I recommend checking out the other great works by the authors, too!

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