Big BasedCon Based Book Sale 2023

Many of the books for sale this weekend have been reviewed here on Periapsis Press!

The Based Black Friday/Cyber Monday Book Sale, hosted by Hans G. Schantz, contains lots of great books for sale for $0.99 (and some for free)! But there are so many titles to choose from. How do you know where to start?

Below are some great sci-fi and fantasy books by indie authors that we have reviewed here on Periapsis Press. You know we only post reviews of works we enjoy, so don’t hesitate to grab any of these titles. They all come with our recommendation!

Note: We did review one more book that appears in the sale, but is not listed here. Our review of Deathbringer by Blake Carpenter appeared in the first issue of ANIVL: Iron Age Magazine.

Transmutation Texas Watcher of the Damned Vol 1 by R.H. Snow Book Cover
A stunning post-apocalyptic western featuring mutated humans, monsters, cultists, and loving descriptions of Texas. Read more
Jiao Tu's Endeavour Ep 1 The Kidnapped Mousling by Donald Uitvlugt Book Cover
An enjoyable “furry” sword and planet adventure featuring a bunny warrior, a sentient sword, ghosts, and plenty of heroics. Read more
Swords and Maidens edited by N.R. LaPoint Book Cover
Swords and Maidens is a short story anthology featuring eleven tales of heroics in a range of sci-fi and fantasy settings. Edited by NR LaPoint, this collection will gratify anyone looking for simple fun. Read more
Ronald Regan's Brilliant BUllet by Frederick Gero Heimbach Book Cover
An alternate history story featuring such bizarre elements as rocket powered flying suits, singing Mount Rushmore heads, and cloning via supernatural powers Read more
The Heights of Perdition by C.S. Johnson Book Cover
An engaging science fiction romance filled with space pirates, futuristic tech, a world reeling from nuclear fallout, and—of course—romance. Read more
The Devil's Dictum by Frederick Geo Heimbach Book Cover
A satirical tale of adventure in a twisted-history version of the United States Read more
Pirates of the Electromagnetic Waves by Fenton Wood Book Cover
A story of youthful ingenuity set in a flavorful science fiction, alternate history world! Read more
Out of the Deep by TJ Marquis Book Cover
This sequel to How Black the Sky exceeds the first--delivering even more action, intriguing worldbuilding, and that brawly theology. Read more
Light Unto Another World Vol 1 by Yakov Merkin Book Cover
A fresh take on the popular isekai genre, featuring a compelling lead with a detailed background, a true fantasy setting, and plenty of action. Read more
How Black the Sky by TJ Marquis Book Cover
A fun, heavy metal romp following a band of warriors through epic battles to defend against an invasion of Underworld monsters! Read more
Hellgate by Morgon Newquist Book Cover
A paranormal suburban fantasy that throws a relatable female lead alongside two compelling romantic interests in a fight against a demon wolf Read more
Hell Spawn by Declan Finn Book Cover
An action packed novel--one part exorcism horror, one part urban fantasy--featuring battles with the demon-possessed, God-given superpowers, and chillingly palpable evil. Read more

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