Beautiful Children’s Book Now on Kickstarter!

Beautiful Children’s Book Now on Kickstarter!

Help crowdfund Magnolia Fawn by Paula Richey and Connie Hall

Paula Richey, author and illustrator of the superhero novel Penance, is now crowdfunding Magnolia Fawn!

This beautiful educational children’s book is co-authored by Richey and Connie Hall and “will be an educational tour of Connie Hall’s work rescuing, rehabilitating, and releasing orphaned and injured whitetail fawn in South Carolina.”

Paula Richey promises that this story will not be anti-hunting or an environmental “screed,” but a book highlighting the work involved in saving orphaned and injured fawns.

We reviewed Penance, which has a new edition written and illustrated by Richey. You can hear more about it in our interview with her both here on the website and on YouTube.

If you are passionate about supporting indie children’s books, backing this Kickstarter is a great way to do so!

This campaign ends July 7, 2024

Penance by Paula Richey Illustrated Edition Book Cover
See our review of Penance!
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