Authors to Watch in 2023

Get the scoop on what to look forward to in the new year!

Marquis plans to release Hero’s Metal  3 and 4 by the end of the year, completing the series!

He also wants to put in some focused work on his ideas for a pulprev/ironage card game.

Radcliff plans to release the next two books of the Elmnas Chronicles early in the year!

The second book is titled Fox and the third, Lion. The series has one more book planned after that.

Rankin will be keeping an eye out for upcoming collections to contribute to, particularly for his occult detective Carnacki stories.

He tells us that he has begun outlining the sequel to Invocations of the Submortal. And he is currently writing a collection of ghost stories that have a wraparound/connected story (a bit like Machen’s The Three Imposters conceptually).

Hellene is working on the conclusion to his Swordbringer series The Final Home for a January release, along with the omnibus collection. All will have brand new interior art, including the first two books!

Another short story is in the works for an anthology, and he also intends to work on finishing a new half-written novel.

Stoner plans to finish The Unwilling Goddess, the sequel to Made in His Image, before spring of this year and then jump right into writing the third book The Finest Thread.
Once those books are both released, he would like to put together an anthology and maybe a card game based on the world of Reversed Black Maria.

Merkin plans to release the next five Light Unto Another World volumes this year!

He also plans to kickstart  the first volume of the Amaranth Angels manga, possibly also releasing it near the end of the year. 

As usual, Finn plans to be prolific!

His space opera series White Ops will continue into the new year with the release of forth—and possibly fifth—books.

He will also self publish five other new books!

He also plans to reprint four vampire novels through Three Ravens Press and possibly another five by Conservaterian Press!

LaPoint plans to release a trilogy next year titled Dinosaur Warfare, as well as the third book in Raven Mistcreek series.

He will also have some more stories featuring Virgil Everness, the character from “Phantom Ridge” in Shoot the Devil

Richey plans to complete and release the illustrated edition and audiobook of Penance by January or February and the sequel sometime later in the year.

She will also have a Kickstarter to print the 3rd issue of her comic series SoulBound in the spring.

Johnson will be running a Kickstarter for her first comic.

She also plans to complete her Fatgirl series. She has another three books after that on the docket!

Shuerger will be working on Afterlight, the second book in the Shades of Black series. It is currently on track for a June release!

Uitvlugt intends to have the second volume of Jiao Tu’s Endeavour ready to publish in February.

And with any luck, another surprise or two…

Furman will have a demon hunter short story published in Cirsova this year.

He will also publish a novella The Darkness Below.

Meanwhile, he plans to write out Ground Zero – the next story after Collateral Damage set in that world

Cheah plans to finish publishing the final 3 books of Saga of the Swordbreaker, as well as the remaining 2 books in the Babylon series.

He will also continue his foray into horror, following the publication of Diary of A Bomoh. And there may be other projects coming up, too!

L. Jagi Lamplighter Author

Lamplighter plans to publish the sixth book in her magic school series Books of Unexpected Enlightenment.

She has also hinted at the possibility of another Fantastic Schools anthology!

Robinson plans to continue work on a “space pioneers” story in the new year, and, of course, his much anticipated sequel to The Mummy of Monte Cristo.

He also just finished a “cheesy Christmas romcom” and hopes to have it published for next Christmas!

J Trevor Robinson Author photo2

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