Hellgate Review

Hellgate by Morgon Newquist Book Cover

Here at the Periapsis Press blog, we only post reviews of works we recommend, so you already know I enjoyed Hellgate. I encourage you to check it out!

Hellgate Publisher Description:

Emilia King has made an art of bad choices. Just ask her mother, she’ll tell you every single thing she’s done wrong for years.

When her latest bad choice changes the locks to their apartment and leaves all her stuff on the doorstep, Emilia can’t bear to hear “I told you so” one more time. So she moves in with her grandfather. Then she can have some space to figure out who…and what she wants to be, without her mother breathing down her neck.

What she finds there is anything but peace. Her grandfather battles invisible creatures in the dark. Neighbors torn apart by wild beasts.

Not to mention the moody, gorgeous man across the street with the motorcycle. The kind of man that’s her kryponite.

But when her grandfather falls ill, his position of head of the Neighborhood Watch falls to her. And in this neighborhood, it’s more than measuring grass height or catching petty thefts.

As she uncovers her grandfather’s double life, his mistakes are coming back to stalk the neighborhood in the form of a vicious, shapeshifting beast. Thrust into a world of magic and monsters, Emilia is out of her depth.

Can she save the neighborhood? And do it without falling for the fae across the street?

Morgon Newquist moves into Urban Fantasy with this fast paced, witty urban fantasy series about an unusual Neighborhood Watch. Fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Bella Forrest will love Hellgate’s female hero, handsome fae, and magical battles.

Join the Neighborhood Watch today and read Hellgate!



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Review: Hellgate by Morgon Newquist

Hellgate is a paranormal suburban fantasy with both classic horror and romance elements. This driving story throws a relatable female lead alongside two compelling romantic interests in a fight against a demon wolf, all with harrowing tension and an uplifting theme. A great start for the Neighborhood Watch series!

This review contains minor spoilers.

Sympathetic Female Lead

Emilia makes for an extremely relatable main character. She doesn’t feel contrived or pandering, which is easy to fall into in this genre, when she is placed alongside men and against monsters during action scenes.

There are some elements of a supernatural strength she possesses, certainly to be developed later in the series, but the bulk of her success stems from diligence. Emilia has made a point of running daily, building strength and stamina. It is this consistency that pays off for her most, not any latent powers she may possess. This alone sets her apart as an admirable hero.

Emilia has some flaws, but the story’s inciting incident is made possible because she is actively attempting to grow and leave her “old” life behind. She becomes particularly sympathetic to me in her healthy thought life; she reigns in negativity, even when frustrated, and turns her focus to doing the right thing.

Strong Supporting Characters

The other characters were diversely written. Of course, the two male romantic interests are both attractive in different ways—one hot bad boy and one hot quiet type—giving rise to the typical question of “who will she choose.”

However, the other characters of the story are beautifully varied in their individuality. Lydia, whose character is only really present by reputation, serves as a foil for her daughter. The neighbor lady contrasts Lydia. Emilia’s grandfather is complemented by his best friend, who has his own interests and traits. The result is a believable community.

Focused Setting

The setting came across as very tight: a suburban neighborhood and the woods nearby. It felt very manageable and easily visualized. A place protected by a neighborhood watch, in the traditional sense of the word (as opposed to certain friendly “neighborhood” superheroes who recently protected the multiverse).

Important elements, such as the abandoned church in the woods, were introduced before they became plot points. The nice small setting with reusable, versatile locations allows the reader to feel familiar there, too.

This is why I shy away from terming the story as “urban” fantasy. Urban settings tend to suggest an unwieldy size, by necessity filled with never explored areas and unaware non-characters. The events take place in locations connected only by taxi, breaking the plot into scenes as on a stage. Hellgate’s more focused setting allows the plot to continuously pick up speed, without these awkward breaks.

Driving Plot

This story isn’t a paranormal romance. There is plenty of paranormal and the romance is present, but it is a subplot and does not direct the main beats of the story. The primary genre is more along the lines of a classic horror story.

The basic premise is a monster tale, with the story beats related to discovering the monster’s origin, weaknesses, and setting up traps and defenses. And there are good classic defenses, too, which combine some religious lore (such as holy ground) with fae lore (such as herbs and mushroom circles).

Newquist raises the stakes consistently with good “yes, but—no, and” tactics. The traps and defenses set up by the heroes work, but a new problem arises; or they don’t work, and now they are in even greater danger! The tension pushes the reader through the story at a breakneck speed.


The romantic subplot keeps the tension high, even when the monster is not present. The male leads are attractive and compelling, providing plenty of juicy interactions, especially as the two are friendly to begin with. The conflict is light, serving as a welcome diversion from the driving force of the main plot, yet insistent, keeping the story from settling between the confrontations. As with any good love triangle, the pull between the two men is believable, unpredictable, and poignant.

The subplot is largely defined by the female gaze. For those less familiar with this term, it is more than the opposite of the more commonly discussed “male gaze.” It certainly includes the objectification of the male body, as seen through the eyes of a sexually interested female. However, it also encompasses an awareness of the woman’s own body and the effect she has on men.

For Emilia, this results in a boldness to reciprocate the attention she receives from the two male love interests. I wasn’t always completely comfortable with the level of lust she displayed, and she often chose to put herself in improper situations. I could explain them to my satisfaction by pointing to her old life, which she was clearly trying to grow beyond. Her references to her old boyfriend and her “weakness” for bad boys on motorcycles seem to support this theory.

It will be interesting to see where the romantic arch goes in subsequent books. The story’s conclusion, with Emilia’s answer to the “who will she choose” question, casts her relationships with the two young men going forward in even more uncertainty.

Uplifting Themes

Emilia serves as a vehicle for at least two inspiring themes. The first arises from her general situation. She has chosen to place herself with her grandfather instead of her mother. At face value this decision was motivated by a desire to avoid her mother’s judgement, however, throughout the story we see the importance of placing yourself in a situation where you can heal and grow.

Emilia’s new community, from her grandfather to her new neighbors, gives her love and encouragement. They remember her from her childhood or know her through the enthusiasm of her grandfather’s recommendation. Rather than her mother’s familiarity with her failings, there is space for Emilia to begin rebuilding her identity beyond them.

The community does not stop at providing a safe place for healing, however. Nearly everyone has healthy expectations for her, too. Things that she has the capability to accomplish, where her mother’s expectation has become (perhaps unintentionally) for her to fail.

Sometimes, we don’t have control over our situation, but Emilia serves as an example of taking proactive steps to change what we can control and choosing to spend time with others who encourage us to become better people.

The second theme is tied to diligence, which I mentioned earlier. The constant raising of the stakes in the plot means that Emilia has to be determined and work through difficulties instead of giving up.

Check Out Hellgate!

Hellgate is a compelling and satisfying story! I look forward to reading more about the actual Hellgate and Emilia’s adventures in the rest of the Neighborhood Watch series!

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Out of the Deep Review

Out of the Deep by TJ Marquis Book Cover

Here at the Periapsis Press blog, we only post reviews of works we recommend, so you already know I enjoyed Out of the Deep. I encourage you to check it out!

Out of the Deep Publisher Description:

Pierce and the heroes of Gorgonbane defeated the subterranean conqueror Kash one year ago. Since then, monster infestations have increased a hundredfold. It’s good for business, but bad for the citizens of the reluctantly joined nations.

When a strange new entity crashes a dangerous extermination mission, everything falls into chaos.

Revelations about the world and whispers of a new form of magic litter the path from doom to an unexpected beacon of hope.

What is the Underlord Kash’s prophesied threat? Can Gorgonbane save the continent from destruction? And who will Pierce have a crush on next?

Find out in Out of the Deep – Hero’s Metal, book two.



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Review: Out of the Deep by T.J. Marquis

Out of the Deep is a revel of heroic feats and expressive settings. This sequel to How Black the Sky exceeds the first by building upon its strengths and delivering even more action, intriguing worldbuilding, and that brawly theology. The Hero’s Metal series continues with this strong second installment!

This review contains minor spoilers.

Heavy Metal Action

The Hero’s Metal series’ characteristic action has not been tamed in this sequel. The sequences remain intense and full of cool people doing cool things. Gorgonbane, our group of heroes inspired by heavy metal bands, is at the top of its game, coming through again with more cool weapons, magical talents, and showmanship.

However, the action has gotten punchier, with more streamlined descriptions. It comes across as more concentrated, with fewer “solos” in the middle of a battle.


The pacing is further improved by the single storyline, as opposed to the collection of stories featuring each character in How Black the Sky. These were fun, but as I noted in that review, the retrospective had the unfortunate side-effect of reducing tension. Now the heroes are free to simply act, now that we understand who they are and where they came from.

Still Plucky Pierce

Pierce, who has always been my favorite, moves into a more secure protagonist role, although he is still not the sole point-of-view character. He does more acting and less watching, without losing the respect for the others that was so important to his character.

I really liked the incorporation of Pierce’s family into the adventure. It is always refreshing to see a hero who hasn’t been cut off from his roots. His mother provides some great story complications. His relationship with his father forces Pierce to enact his heroic values on a more personal level, calling him to growth as a son. None of the more domestic characters stand in the way of the action, or reduce the hero’s cool factor.

Falselight as Antagonist

The Falselight make intriguing antagonists. Their initial revelation was chilling, and their abilities developed from there to provide serious problems for the characters as the story progressed. This forced the characters to come up with creative solutions.

I especially liked the inclusion of their “master” as a faction unto himself. It made for an interesting added dynamic that made the Falselight at once more predictable and mysterious.

Unique Setting

The setting continues to fascinate, with some mysteries revealed and more introduced. As we explore the world, it continues to baffle even the characters who live there. I found this built curiosity and interest even when the characters were traveling.

I absolutely loved the sun as a tentacled creature that literally (in the literal sense) crawls across the sky. Talk about turning an idiom on its head!

The Glorious Paths

The religious element of this series is great. I was extremely impressed by the characterization of the Blacksmith in How Black the Sky, which embraced God’s sovereignty. I noted that the idea of salvation was not touched on and the morality was rather hazy, but I am pleased to report that Out of the Deep tackles these issues in their turn!

Axebourne had an after-death experience in the first book, returning Gandalf-style to aid his allies. In this second installment, he functions as a prophet of sorts, revealing forgotten aspects of God’s will—such as mercy and salvation.

The characters have been in a bit of an Old Testament situation, trusting the Blacksmith while working to follow his revealed will. With greater revelation, Pierce and the others show humility and faith in their efforts to understand the new concepts and incorporate them in obedience.

This proves once again Marquis ability to visualize for his reader a world in which God might reveal Himself differently and yet consistently with His character.

Book Two Conclusion

As is common, the conclusion of this second book did not resolve the conflict with the Falselight, instead setting up the next installment. However, the climax was satisfying. Pierce’s near-victory, stolen only by an actor outside of his control, satiated my desire for a “win” against the Falselight.

Furthermore, the promise of more Hero’s Metal to come was not unwelcome. I eagerly await the next book in the series!

Check Out Out of the Deep!

Want more from The Hero's Metal series?

Out of the Deep by TJ Marquis Book Cover
Read an excerpt of this book!
How Black the Sky by TJ Marquis Book Cover
See our review of the first Hero's Metal book!

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2022 New Year’s Goals for Periapsis Press

New Year Resolutions Title Image

2022 New Year's Goals for Periapsis Press

We have lots of things we would like to try in the new year!

More Positive, Long-form Reviews

Top of the list, of course, is to keep churning out MORE reviews!

Our reviews are always positive, and since we only review the books we enjoy, you can browse our Reviews page for spoiler-free recommendations at any time!

Or, since we take the time to discuss all the aspects you might enjoy in a long-form article, you can read through be certain that a book is for you before you invest your time and money!

But we have even more to offer this year!

We would really like to step it up and do more cool things such as:

  1. Events like book releases, short story contests, a book club, and more

  2. Giveaways and Merch for both Periapsis Press and your favorite reads

  3. Streaming via audio and/or video about book-related topics

  4. Increased Collaboration with our favorite indie creators

I’m eager to get working on all of this. Let us know what you are excited for in the new year! Do you have any 2022 New Year’s goals?

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Authors to Watch in 2022

Happy New Year Title Image

Authors to Watch in 2022

Get the scoop on what to look forward to in the new year!

Books #9-12 in Finn’s Saint Tommy NYPD series should be coming out next year from Silver Empire Press. They have already been submitted to the publisher, and #9 already has a cover. 

Tuscany Bay Press will be releasing the first three books of his space opera series White Ops beginning January 18th.

And, a treat for his Patreon subscribers, Finn will be developing a sequel series to his vampire romance Honor at Stake, called Honeymoon from Hell. Book one, The Neck Romancer, will be released one chapter at a time.

 Volumes 6 & 7 of Light Unto Another World are already written, with a projected Kickstarter launch  for volumes 6-10 sometime in the winter.

Merkin will also continue working on his manga project, Amaranth Angels, and plans to crowdfund the first volume of that later in the year.

Yakov Merkin Author
Paula Richey Author

The third issue of Richey’s comic SoulBound is slated for release next year.

She will also be working  on the sequel to Penance, however, no release date has been announced yet for the follow-up to her beloved superhero novel.

Hellene is putting the finishing touches on The Final Home, the third book in his Swordbringer series. He expects to release it in the first quarter of the year.

A similar release time is planned for his Pulp Rock anthology–a collection of stories inspired by music.

Alexander Hellene Author
L. Jagi Lamplighter Author

Lamplighter plans to publish the sixth book in her magic school series Books of Unexpected Enlightenment.

She has also hinted at the possibility of another Fantastic Schools anthology!

Robinson plans to continue work on a “space pioneers” story in the new year, and, of course, his much anticipated sequel to The Mummy of Monte Cristo.

He also just finished a “cheesy Christmas romcom” and hopes to have it published for next Christmas!

J Trevor Robinson Author photo2
TJ Marquis Author

Marquis hopes to put out another novella in the gamelit / litRPG genre. He is also working to finish Arc Legacy 2 and the third Hero’s Metal book.

The second and third books of Revelation Galaxy may also be finished and the entire series released!

Tell us your picks for authors to watch in 2022!

Is there anyone you are excited to hear from in the new year? Let us know in the comments!

Are you an author with goals for 2022?

Contact Us

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Christmas Scavenger Hunt 2021 Roundup

Christmas Scavenger Hunt 2021 Title Image

Christmas Scavenger Hunt 2021 Roundup

Check out our favorite quotes from the hunt for Christmas-themed snippets from SF/F

Christmas Scavenger Hunt 2021 Title Image

We hosted this holiday game on Twitter using #PeriapsisChristmas as a fun opportunity to promote indie authors in the speculative fiction genres from Dec. 6 through Christmas. You can check out our original announcement here.

Read on to discover popular, festive, and intriguing quotes found by our participants!

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Calendar 2021


I enjoyed this quote from L. Jagi Lamplighter, which I think captures well the magic of the season with its reference to both a star (the word of the day) and wishes.

I like this quote from Arthur Machen, too! Has a very Christmas-morning vibe.

Most Popular

This quote from Tim Power's Declare was the most liked tweet of the game.

Intriguing Quotes

A number of great snippets that leave us wanting more! I had some trouble narrowing it down; there were so many good ones!

Hope you enjoyed playing our Christmas scavenger hunt with us!

Take a look at what some of our favorite authors have planned in 2022:

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Christmas Scavenger Hunt 2021

Christmas Scavenger Hunt 2021 Title Image

Christmas Scavenger Hunt 2021

Join us December 2021 on the hunt for Christmas-themed snippets from our favorite indie SF/F using #PeriapsisChristmas

Christmas Scavenger Hunt 2021 Title Image
Photo by M. B. Louis on Unsplash

Here is a fun holiday game and an opportunity to promote indie authors in the speculative fiction genres!

Every day beginning Dec. 6th through Christmas, we will post a festive word on Twitter for you to find in a book that you would like others to know about (whether that is your own, or simply one you would like to help promote).

Neither the book nor the quote need to have anything to do with Christmas explicitly. Some flexibility allowed on the word as long as the concept is upheld. No limit on how many quotes per day or how many times a book may be quoted total over the course of the month, but try for creativity over quantity–we don’t want to spam people!

Post a snippet containing the word, a link to the book, and the hashtag #PeriapsisChristmas.

Then, be sure to browse through what other people have found and like your favorites! We will feature popular, festive, and intriguing examples here on our website for New Year’s.

Hope you’ll join us!

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Calendar 2021

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Out of the Deep Excerpt

Out of the Deep by TJ Marquis Book Cover
Out of the Deep by TJ Marquis Book Cover

This Out of the Deep excerpt is shared with the permission of the author.

Out of the Deep Synopsis

Pierce and the heroes of Gorgonbane defeated the subterranean conqueror Kash one year ago. Since then, monster infestations have increased a hundredfold. It’s good for business, but bad for the citizens of the reluctantly joined nations.
When a strange new entity crashes a dangerous extermination mission, everything falls into chaos.

Revelations about the world and whispers of a new form of magic litter the path from doom to an unexpected beacon of hope.

What is the Underlord Kash’s prophesied threat? Can Gorgonbane save the continent from destruction? And who will Pierce have a crush on next?
Find out in Out of the Deep – Hero’s Metal, book two.

More Details:


Follow T.J. Marquis:

Excerpt: Out of the Deep

By T.J. Marquis

“What’s that?” asked Sev. He pointed to the far side of the town. Everyone looked.

There was a ridge of towering, broken rocks there. Beyond, a diffuse yellow light grew, like plaque between a giant’s teeth. It wasn’t the yellow of life like the gloss of a bloodhoof’s coat, or the shine in Scythia’s eyes. It was something else.

The ulants on that side of Moni stirred, shuffling irritably away from the ridge. Pierce looked up at Sev, but the forgemaster shrugged. Yellow light peeked around each jagged stone.

“Does the ulant have any natural predators?” Scythia asked Deathgripz.

The stablemaster’s eyes were open wider than Pierce had ever seen them, but she shook her head. 

“None that I know of,” she said. “Like I said, they don’t taste good.”

“Wait, how do you know they don’t taste -” Pierce started. Axebourne waved him into silence.

“We’d better move,” said Axebourne. “We have to get between the light and Moni.” When no one moved, he raised his voice. “Now!”

Gorgonbane sprang into action. They circled the three wagons and left Sugar in charge, galloping their mounts southeast in a wide arc. The ground sloped downward and the eastern approach to Moni was hidden behind the town, so Pierce couldn’t see the ulants there anymore. But he could hear them now, uttering lame-sounding complaints in voices like bovine, uuuuuuuhhhooo.

Gorgonbane were forced further south to avoid the shuffling herd, and the yellow light grew. Pierce thought that each concentration of the light had a core of dimness, of grey, rather than white. Falselight.

“I see shapes in the haze,” Scythia called back from astride Nova.

A shape detached from the encroaching wall of yellow falselight and seemed to slide or hover across the rocky ground toward a lone ulant. The creature did not flee, for the shape betrayed no aggression.

Axebourne was in the lead. He leaned further into his flight and sped up. Everyone followed him – if Axebourne was in a hurry, something was certainly wrong.

An appendage reached out from the lone shape as if to pet the ulant. The creature uttered its pitiful call, loud enough to be heard above the rest of the herd. Gorgonbane could close the distance swiftly, but Axebourne came to a stop and held up a hand for everyone else to do likewise.

The shape touching the ulant stretched out a second limb. This close, Pierce could see that his perception of the creatures’ grey heart hadn’t been an illusion. Its core was dim, not bright. The ulant complained again, sounding uncomfortable now. Something kept it from moving away from the yellow shape, though. The being grew long, spindly fingers and took hold of the ulant’s hide. Now the creature struggled, but just a bit, six legs pushing away halfheartedly.

The ulant’s veins lit up orange – yellow light infecting its slow, red blood.

“We should flee,” said Sev. “Something is wrong.”

Axebourne kept his hand in the air, and he shook it once to silence any further talk.

The falselight faded from the ulant’s veins and its skin shifted from pink to yellow. Its legs twitched and its meaty abdomen dipped toward the ground. The yellow shape clenched its fingers tighter around the ulant’s hide and it screamed, a frantic version of its calmer complaints – uuuwhoo? Its veins lit up again, then its skin. Its form began to dissolve into sickly translucence. One final low from its toothy mouth, and the ulant went silent. It lit up more fiercely, bright yellow at the edges, grey toward the center of its mass. The falselight being released it and floated away toward the rocky ridge, melding back into the now still wall it had come from.

The ulant bent its forelegs, using them as if to brush debris off its tiny head. It staggered to one side as if dizzy, righted itself, turned and moved toward one of its fellows. The other ulants edged away, unsure. More lows echoed off the stony ground, ulants opening their mouths wide. They champed irritably and bared their teeth, all of them white molars protruding from pink gums.

Pierce blanched again.

“Fly,” Axebourne said. “We have to get to the town. We shouldn’t have stopped. Sev, get back to my sister. Ready the wagons. Go!”

Out of the Deep by TJ Marquis Book Cover
Coming soon: Dec 2021

Did you enjoy this Out of the Deep excerpt?

How Black the Sky by TJ Marquis Book Cover
Read our review of the 1st Hero's Metal book!
Out of the Deep by TJ Marquis Book Cover
Our review of this book is now available!

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How Black the Sky by TJ Marquis Book Cover
Gideon Ira Knight of the Blood Cross by Adam Lane Smith Book Cover

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TJ Marquis Announces How Black the Sky Sequel

Hero's Metal by TJ Marquis Book Cover

TJ Marquis Announces How Black the Sky Sequel

The next installment of Hero's Metal, a heavy metal pulp adventure, is slated for release in December 2021!

Out of the Deep by TJ Marquis Book Cover

TJ Marquis confirmed on Twitter today, Nov. 29th, 2021, that Out of the Deep, the sequel to his heavy metal novel How Black the Sky, will be released this December.

The first novel, which we found “full of hardcore action, valiant warriors, and thought-provoking themes,” follows a band of warriors through epic battles defending against an invasion of Underworld monsters. The sequel promises to continue the driving action, with another “hollow earth threat predicted by their old rival, the Underlord Kash.”

A demibus of the two Hero’s Metal novels is also planned for release in December 2021.

How Black the Sky by TJ Marquis Book Cover

Check out our positive, long-form review of the first Hero's Metal novel!

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Yakov Merkin Announces Upcoming Manga Project​

Amaranth Angels by Yakov Merkin promotional image1

Yakov Merkin Announces Upcoming Manga Project

The author of Light Unto Another World reveals his new project for 2022

Amaranth Angels by Yakov Merkin logo

Yakov Merkin, author of the light novel series Light Unto Another World, which recently rose to rank #55 in the Amazon Light Novels category, announced on Monday, Nov. 29th that he will soon have something new for readers in 2022. 

The project, Amaranth Angels, will be a manga starring “cute anime girls doing military-esque things” in the vein of such animes as Girls Und Panzer, but in an adventure setting.

Amaranth Angels by Yakov Merkin promotional image1
Concept art for the new series includes both the girls and their ship.
Amaranth Angels by Yakov Merkin promotional image2

“You like cute anime girls? You like pulse-pounding starfighter combat? Expect a ton of both, along with just general fun, with a relatively large cast of characters.”

The artwork will be done by Philip San Gaspar, who continues to work with Merkin on the Light Unto Another World series. The light novel is on track, Merkin assures fans, with the fourth installment releasing tomorrow, Nov. 30th, 2021.

Amaranth Angels will have a Kickstarter campaign, estimated as early as Spring of 2022. 

Light Unto Another World Vol 1 by Yakov Merkin Book Cover

Check out our positive, long-form review of the first Light Unto Another World novel!

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Big Black Friday Book Sale (2021)

Big Black Friday Book Sale (2021)

Many of the books for sale this Black Friday weekend (2021) have been reviewed here on Periapsis Press!

Big Black Friday Book Sale, hosted by Hans G. Schantz, contains lots of great books for sale for $0.99 (and some for free)!

Below are a few from the “Fan Favorites” category that we have reviewed here on Periapsis Press.

The Unexpected Enlightenment of Rachel Griffin by L. Jagi Lamplighter Book Cover
A delightful magic school tale of fast friendships, secrets, and parallel worlds! Read more
The Last Ancestor by Alexander Hellene Book Cover
A dynamic sword and planet romp of faith and daring! Read more
The Heights of Perdition by C.S. Johnson Book Cover
An engaging science fiction romance filled with space pirates, futuristic tech, a world reeling from nuclear fallout, and—of course—romance. Read more
Pirates of the Electromagnetic Waves by Fenton Wood Book Cover
A story of youthful ingenuity set in a flavorful science fiction, alternate history world! Read more
Penance by Paula Richey and Thomas Plutarch Book Cover
An energetic young adult superhero novel, featuring superpowers, aliens, an extraterrestrial sex trafficking ring, and the imminent invasion of earth! Read more
Light Unto Another World Vol 1 by Yakov Merkin Book Cover
A fresh take on the popular isekai genre, featuring a compelling lead with a detailed background, a true fantasy setting, and plenty of action. Read more
Hell Spawn by Declan Finn Book Cover
An action packed novel--one part exorcism horror, one part urban fantasy--featuring battles with the demon-possessed, God-given superpowers, and chillingly palpable evil. Read more
A streamlined tale of steampunk-flavored adventure Read more
Combat Frame XSeed by Brian Niemeier Book Cover
A gritty action novel that blends mecha anime and military science fiction to deliver high-energy combat alongside thrilling intrigue! Read more
Collateral Damage by Adam Furman Book Cover
A high-speed science fiction thriller about a father’s battle to save his son, underfoot of a kaiju/mech battle for humanity’s survival. Read more
A Greater Duty by Yakov Merkin Book Cover
A detailed military space fleet novel featuring diverse alien species and exciting battles both in space and on the ground. Read more

We have also reviewed a few books that are new to this sale!

The Mummy of Monte Cristo by J Trevor Robinson Book Cover
A hair-raising adaptation of the classic revenge story, newly packed with loads of undead and horror delicacies to relish! Read more
The Devil's Dictum by Frederick Geo Heimbach Book Cover
A satirical tale of adventure in a twisted-history version of the United States Read more
How Black the Sky by TJ Marquis Book Cover
A fun, heavy metal romp following a band of warriors through epic battles to defend against an invasion of Underworld monsters! Read more

Uriel’s Revenge and The Fountain Mechanism are also participating in this sale!

You can read an excerpt from Uriel’s Revenge here!

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