We post a long-form review about once a week! Our reviews maintain a positive tone by always featuring a work we recommend. We believe this is most useful for both readers and authors!

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Of course, we also would love for you to check out our contributions to the science fiction and fantasy genres! We strive to produce the same level of quality entertainment we desire from others.


Discussions with authors! We go beyond "where do you get your ideas" and always keep the focus on the story, never straying into drama, politics, or writing craft advice. Authors will have at least one positive review from us first.


Upcoming releases, author events, cover reveals – all the book news you care about! We keep the focus on helping you find books, avoiding content only tenuously relevant to the topic of reading.


Samples to whet your appetite: excerpts, artwork, book trailers, etc. Like the rest of our content, these feature our own works or books and authors we recommend!

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We desire to promote community by sharing positive reviews from other bloggers and linking back to their sites.


When we entered the world of indie publishing in 2019, we noticed a few trends that we want to address. The first is a lack of detailed reviews. While a thriving community of indie authors promotes and gives visibility to the works of others, most authors don’t have the time to read and write in-depth reviews of other’s works. Second, what commentary does exist is largely focused on negative aspects of traditional media rather than positive qualities of indie fiction. Third, many indie authors blog and create content primarily about writing craft which appeals to other writers, but not so much to readers.

Furthermore, it can be difficult for readers to find good books within science fiction and fantasy genres due to the muddled search results on Amazon, Goodreads lists that always feature the same popular books, and book blogs that post more about TBR piles and reading challenges than actual books that they enjoyed.

We created Periapsis Press to promote our own works and the works of others primarily through positive, long-form articles including reviews and thoughtful interviews that cater to readers. We are focusing on works of science fiction and fantasy with themes and values that do not come in conflict with our Christian worldview.

 We hope Periapsis Press helps you find new books that you will enjoy just as much as we do!

Our Team

Katie Roome

The lead writer for the Periapsis Press blog, Katie Roome has an English Literature degree and experience as a writing tutor and editor. She is a full-time mother, who types furiously during naps.

David Roome

A software research engineer by trade, David Roome writes sci-fi horror over lunch, in the evening, and on weekends, preferably with black iced coffee at hand.

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