2022 New Year's Goals for Periapsis Press

We have lots of things we would like to try in the new year!

More Positive, Long-form Reviews

Top of the list, of course, is to keep churning out MORE reviews!

Our reviews are always positive, and since we only review the books we enjoy, you can browse our Reviews page for spoiler-free recommendations at any time!

Or, since we take the time to discuss all the aspects you might enjoy in a long-form article, you can read through be certain that a book is for you before you invest your time and money!

But we have even more to offer this year!

We would really like to step it up and do more cool things such as:

  1. Events like book releases, short story contests, a book club, and more

  2. Giveaways and Merch for both Periapsis Press and your favorite reads

  3. Streaming via audio and/or video about book-related topics

  4. Increased Collaboration with our favorite indie creators

I’m eager to get working on all of this. Let us know what you are excited for in the new year! Do you have any 2022 New Year’s goals?

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